Last time we talked about the history of the church from the beginning in the first century until the start of the Restoration movement. That post (Restoration Movement Part 1: A Quick History Leading Up to the Restoration) was intended mainly for background purposes.

The Restoration movement, as stated last week, was the beginning of the “churches of Christ” as we know it. It was also the beginning of the “Christian Church” and the “Disciples of Christ” as we know them. The reason I qualify the last couple of sentences with “as we know it” is because the Church of Christ, Christian Church, and Disciples of Christ were originally intended to be descriptive terms; not names. Anyone who is a Christian is a part of the church of Christ and the Christian Church. Anyone who follows Jesus is a Disciple of Christ. There is no name in Scripture for the Church. There were only words describing the Church.

In Scripture, SOME of these descriptions are: The body of Christ, The way, The rock, Gathering, Bride, Children of God. There are many more descriptions. Most of the time, the church was just simply called the church. It is important to note that a description is not a name. “Jesse’s truck” is not the name of my truck, it has no name, but it is describing the truck. Signs and names are irrelevant from both a biblical perspective and from the perspective of the founders of the Restoration movement. The Restoration movement was not intended to be the start of another denomination, but a plea for nondenominationalism. In other words, it was a plea to step away from the division of the church caused by names and traditions and have unity as one single body.  – Jesse