Now please listen closely; especially if you are from the “church of Christ” background. We need to hear this truth in our heritage:

1) THE RESTORATION MOVEMENT WAS NOT GREAT BECAUSE IT’S ASSOCIATED WITH THE CHURCH OF CHRIST, BUT BECAUSE IT IS BUILT ON BIBLCAL TRUTH; PREACHED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE CHURCH. I love our heritage in the churches of Christ. However, my love is not because of our “founding fathers,” but because what they were saying the church should be can be found directly in Scripture. Looking for biblical authority, seeking unity even when you disagree about opinions or interpretations, and fellowship with other Christians regardless of traditional background is something the Apostles were teaching from the very beginning.

2) JUST BECAUSE THINGS HAVE BEEN DONE A CERTAIN WAY FOR A LONG TIME, AND THERE IS A VERSE CONNECTED WITH THE TRADICTION, DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT. Tradition and age does not mean “wrong,” but it most CERTAINLY does not necessarily mean “right” either. In fact, a look at both world and biblical history would show that a lot of times, traditions tends to forget their purpose after a while. Scripture teaches that we are always to reexamine ourselves and ask hard questions to try to grow both as individuals and as a congregation. Sometimes our views will change and sometimes they won’t. But we must always be humble.

3) THE PURPOSE OF THE RESTORATION MOVEMENT WAS NOT PERFECTION, BUT UNITY, AND TRYING TO BE AS MUCH LIKE THE NEW TESTAMENT CONGREGATIONS AS POSSIBLE. THE RESTORATION MOVEMENT SHOULD CONTINUE EVEN TODAY. IT WAS NOT INTENDED TO END 100 YEARS AGO, BUT TO GO ON UNTIL JESUS COMES. Nobody knows everything. If they did, they would be God. Just like no human is perfect, no congregation is perfect either. This is true because every church is made up of humans. We will say or do things that hurt others and hurt God. We will also misunderstand Scripture at times and fail intellectually. This is okay because if we are Christians, we are saved not by perfection, but by a heart that strives to be like Jesus.

Let us seek nondenominational Christianity. Let us step away from division, names, and creeds. Let us study the Bible and try to be like Jesus. Let us forgive others not only of moral failures, but intellectual failures as well. Let us remember that God doesn’t desire perfection, but our hearts. Let us seek unity and fellowship with all Christians, not just those who share our name. Let us strive to continue restoring the church and not assume that we have it all right and figured out. Let us be a biblical church above any tradition that we may have. Let us celebrate different understandings instead of condemning people who disagree with our understanding of certain verses and traditions. -Jesse

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