I Need a Cure!

When a Christian thinks of “curing sin” we often think of curing individual actions. For example, we think of gossip, homosexuality, indulgence, premarital relations, unfaithfulness, apathy, violence, and so on. While all of the previously mentioned items are wrong and painful to God and others, I would suggest that they are not the key issue. These things are not the disease itself, but the symptoms of the disease.

A runny nose is not a cold, but a symptom of a cold. A fever is not the flu, but a symptom of the flu. Chest pain and weight loss is not lung cancer, but symptoms of lung cancer. Red skin is not leprosy, but a symptom. Likewise, the sins mentioned above are not the curse itself, but the necessary symptoms of said curse.

If I give you cough medicine for your cold, it only takes away the cough, not necessarily the cold itself. If I give you ibuprofen for your chest pains your lung cancer will still be there. Likewise, if I gain full control of one sinful action, the curse still remains and will produce another sinful action.

Sin is another way of saying that one somehow shows hate or hurt to themselves, God, or others. Romans 3:23 says that we are all sick with this disease. We may all have different symptoms that we struggle with, but the disease is still present in all mankind and the consequence is deathly (Rom. 6:23). This is why harsh judgment is inappropriate. The beam never really leaves our eyes. We can’t heal this on our own accord. No amount of self-righteousness or rehab visits will take this burden away. But there is hope even still. Jesus is the cure to the sickness that we could never heal. He is the great physician! – Jesse