The Gospel is for All

Children of God are all called to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We can’t all be formal preachers. We can’t all be a formal evangelist. We aren’t all the most social people in the world. Awkwardness is….awkward. BUT, we are all called to evangelize, nevertheless, in whatever way we can. Each of us have people we see on a regular basis. Family, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, co-workers; the workers at the stores we go to. The list goes on and on.

If we REALLY believe in the Gospel, would we not tell everyone we meet in the opportunities we have? Would we not also pray for future opportunities? If I believed the building was on fire, would it not be more unloving for me to avoid telling you for fear of upsetting you than it would be to tell you anyways? If I know someone is hurting themselves or others and I do nothing, it is as if I do not really believe what I say I believe. Apathy is never an option for the Christian. If we really believe the Gospel has the power to save from punishment and for eternal life with our Father, why don’t we speak of it more often? Colossians 4:5-6 tells us to “season our words” so that we might speak to unbelievers in an appropriate way. Jesus and His love should be a part of our conversation. When someone asks you about your story, Jesus should be the natural response. His story IS your story.

Today, as we go about our Christian lives, let us remember that some pay the ultimate price just to hear the good news. If we REALLY believe, then let us speak the words of eternal life in Jesus. Let us never take it for granted! – Jesse