The Gospel Leads to Evangelism (Cause and Effect)

The message of the Gospel is not without relation. The Gospel is all about personal relationship. Every aspect of the will of God is surrounded by connecting with our Creator and the people he created in His likeness. We come to Him for a relationship, and that same relationship provokes a response to bring others to Him. “Jesus died for me to have relationship with Him. Therefore, I will connect with others so that they can have a relationship with Him.” In Genesis 2 we read that it is not good for man to be alone. We were made to be social creatures! Jesus was a social person. He ate with sinners and followers. He went to public events. He visited congregations. Part of being Christ-like is building relationships!

We see from places like Acts 2:47 that the first-century church had “favor with all the people” from the very beginning. They made, grew, and maintained relationships so that they might know God better. I did this so others may know God. And so that everyone would be encouraged to grow. The whole concept of our mission as Christians is based on the foundation of Jesus seeking us and us seeking others.

In our society, we are so closed off. We are afraid to allow anyone into our lives or homes. Why is this the case? It reminds me of the song “This little light of mine.” Are we hiding under a rock? We have something so precious, but we are afraid to tell anyone. Is this not casting pearls before swine? It seems as if the Christians in our modern generations are taking something so precious and making it useless. The message isn’t any good if there is not a messenger.

One way we can avoid being closed is opening our homes. People are worried about doing this because they are anxious about the opinion of the guest. In Luke 10 Martha was like this when Jesus was in her home. Mary just sat and listened to Him. Sure, it is okay to clean and serve your guest, but there are more important matters sometimes. Jesus is more important than things. He should always be our main focus. Our response should be to prioritize and see that people are always more important.

The first-century church ate in each other’s homes. How often do we do this? Do we go in the homes of fellow believers, or invite them to our home? Yes, going to a fancy restaurant or even a fast food establishment can be evangelistic. However, being in someone’s home is more intimate. You get to know each other on a more personal level. This opens the door for greater opportunities to bring people to Christ.

There are approximately 7 billion people. In less than 5 years that is expected to grow to over 8 billion, and in less than 10 years that number is supposedly going to grow to around 10 billion or more! In 1830 the world finally hit the 1 billion mark. By 1950 we hit the 2 billion. 80% of the world lives either in Asia, Africa, or South America. Only 3% of our brotherhood’s full-time ministers are long-term missionaries. That is roughly 150-200 men trying to evangelize to 97% of the world. 97% of full-time preachers are in America, yet, the church is dying.

Why do these numbers matter? Because every single one of these numbers represents people, and every person represents a soul. Every day people die without Christ. Every day children are born with a probability that says that they won’t know Jesus, not because of any fault of their own, but because Christians are too lazy. 3,000 people told the world about Jesus.

So why is the world lost? I believe it is laziness, selfishness, and lukewarmness. There is no effect on “Christians” because we never really understood the cause. The natural response of someone effected by the love of God is to tell others about Him! God wants every person to know the truth that He loves them and wants a relationship with them (1 Tim 2:1-4)!

I wonder what would happen if we truly converted 1 person a year and taught them to do the same. If we did this for 30 years 1 billion people would be saved. The greatest thing about those numbers is that they are real. Imagine if 50 people decided that they were going to do this, everyone in the world would be a Christian. With God all things are possible! – Jesse