“The Law of Liberty”

The word “law” technically means a principle, guideline, or regulation. Liberty means freedom, or the state of being free. James 1:25 speaks of the law of liberty (aka: principles/guidelines of freedom). Anytime you read the word “law” in the new testament it is doing one of two things. It is either pointing out that Christ fulfilled the law of Moses (old testament) and we are no longer under it, or it is speaking of the principles and guidelines of freedom that the Christian is now under in the new covenant.

The letters of the apostles, the examples they give, and the Spirit of the Lord all show us the guiding principles of Christian liberty. Paul tells us in Galatians that we are free in Christ, but we shouldn’t use our freedom to hurt others or live selfish lives. What are we free from? We are free from apathetic religious rituals, binding traditions, our own sins, the grudges we hold against others, our fear of death. The list goes on and on. We are free, but we are free in Christ Jesus. We are free to love people as Jesus loved people, and love God as Jesus loves God. We are free to express ourselves to Him and not be afraid of falling because He immerses us with love and grace. We are free to come before Him just as we are and trust that He will change us into His image as it was in the beginning!

Too long Christians have been acting like Christianity is about performance, perfection, and “law-keeping.” But that was never the point. Romans speaks that we are no longer under the law, but grace. The law kills, but the Spirit brings life. Why do we insist on missing the point of Christianity? It is simple: Love God, love others, be humble. That’s it! Everything else in Scripture is to show us what it looks like to do those things. They are guiding principles. Jesus came to free us from our chains, not to add more. Let us remember the true purpose of our relationship with our Father and His perfect law of Liberty. – Jesse