Values of a Ministry

A value is something that is good, right, worthwhile, important, or significant. Valuation is to measure the good, importance, etc. that a certain thing has. This article, however, will focus more on what is of value in and of itself as opposed to what measure of value something holds. The subject in which we are looking for values in is a minister. There are three questions that will be evaluated here. What is significant, important, worthwhile to you about this field in general? What does it take to do a good job in this field? What personal values and characteristics are important concerning this field? We will meditate on each of these questions to discover what are the values of a minister.

What is Significant, Important, and/or Worthwhile About this Field in General?

This question revolves more around the values in the field of ministry in of itself than it does the minister as a character or the minister’s skills. What is good and important about ministry in general?

A value of ministry (and Christianity for that matter) is that it is a continuation of Jesus’ work. Galatians 2:20 tells the Christian that he, like Christ Jesus, is to be crucified; submitting his spirit to God the Father. Although the Christian continues to live physically, Jesus is to now rule in His temple, that is the Christians body. Christ continues His work through the Christian, who allows Him to work through his body. In Romans 12:1 it is said that you are to present your body as a living sacrifice. In Romans 8 it says that are to be led by the Spirit which works with your spirit. These things allow you to be led by God. When one is led by God, one is able to continue the work of God. While this is important to every Christian, it is specifically of value to a minister, because the cause of Christ in and of itself is their entire life.

So what is Jesus’ work? If continuing Jesus’ work is important in the field of ministry, then what is that work, and why is that work important? In Luke 19:10 Jesus tells the Pharisees that He came in order to seek and to save those who are lost. That was His purpose! If you are lost, you are not found, if you are not found, how can you be with God for eternity? The value of ministry in general is to carry on Jesus’ work of seeking and saving those who might be lost.

Also, some other notable things about the value of caring on Jesus’ work through ministry is that He, through Paul, tells the Christian in Ephesians 4 to help equip all the Christians for the work of the Lord. He actually says that this is the purpose of ministers. A minister is of value because he helps people learn how to grow, and he gives them the right tools. He is the example in word and deed of one who shows compassion, knows God, and goes about doing good. Ministry, indeed, is of value.

What does it take to do a good job in this field?

So how does the minister do the aforementioned? Maturity, love, Knowledge, and Christ-likeness. If one does not practice the action of maturity, he is not growing. Christianity is a covenant of growth. No one person ever lives it out perfectly by the letter, but they live it out perfectly through the Spirit Christ (2 Cor. 3). 1 John 1:7 says if you walk in the light as he is in the light then you have fellowship one with another. Maturity requires a humility leading to growth. This growth allows you to become more like Christ (Rom. 8:29). It fills you with His very Spirit. Being led by the Spirit of Christ opens your eyes to knowledge and theological truths, and it also opens your heart to love and compassion to those who are lost and/or not growing. If a minister learns these things, then he can carry out the values in ministry that were mentioned above.

What personal values and characteristics are important concerning this field?

This article has talked about the values in ministry in general, the valuable actions in ministry, and now it is time to discuss what kind of character values one might need to posses if they hold a desire of being a minister.

It seems as if the answer for everything is “Christ-likeness.” After all, what could be more valuable, important, significant, right, or good than to be like Christ, and to hold close to the values that He held close? This, of course, is not only the goal of the minister, but this is the most valuable goal of every Christian; or at least it should be! Romans 8:29 reminds the Christian that we, as sons of God, must carry the characteristics of His son, Jesus Christ. We must be like Him! In 1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul says to be imitators of him as he is of Christ. This does not mean that the Christian is to be flawless. It doesn’t mean that the Christian can’t have struggles. Paul himself was imperfect! The Christian will always be in need of maturing. He is simply saying that He is working towards being led by Christ’s Spirit, and we should do the same. This Spirit allows a person to know Jesus and become like Him, if they are willing to surrender. We should look up to ministers who do this and imitate them. But as a minister, we must be this kind of person for others. We must have those characteristics of value that Jesus had. He was a man of sincerity, honesty, love, courage, sacrifice, mercy and devotion. He was the son of God. This is something a minister must be. This is what will change the world. This is the value of ministry! – Jesse