I need this reminder. I think all of us have days or even seasons when we need this reminder that justice, mercy, humility, faith, and love should always win, even when we don’t receive that ourselves.
I’ve experienced all of these scenarios. Especially the last several months. I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing these things and wanting to throw our hands in the air and just give up.

“We gave it our best shot. We loved with our whole self unconditionally and it just feels like it’s in vain because it’s either not received, not reciprocated, not appreciated, or misunderstood. We just keep getting hurt. Nobody understands us or assumes the best.”

But we must carry the cross of love, remembering that in the end, love wins! Love never fails, it is enduring, it is hopeful, God is love. And when we love, when we create, when we give, even if it feels vain, God is always there with us in that joy, or even in that brokenness. And he promises to make all things right, to make all things new, to make all things work together for good.