Let’s talk about leadership in the church! The next few articles will discuss ways we can improve our spiritual families through healthy and mature leadership. There are three questions to consider if you are a leader or if you wonder if you should be: 1) Do you have the gift? Not everyone who is a leader should be in formal leadership and not everyone who isn’t should remain that way. God has given us gifts. 2) Are you in a good place in your life to be a leader? Sometimes you might have the gift but because of family issues, work issues, time management, spiritual struggles, etc., it might be time to step back for a while. 3) Do you want people to replicate you? This is probably the most important question. What would the church you lead look like if everyone you are leading attended as little/often as you, worked as much on spiritual matters as you do, gave as much as you do, acted like you, reacted like you, prayed like you, studied like you, listened like you, had a family like yours, make God AND His people as much as a priority as you do, etc.?

If you don’t understand the purpose of the church and commit to it, you don’t need to lead. The purpose should always be over the policy. Especially when we are talking about spiritual matters. This is how God Himself designed the structure of His eternal family and her leadership. We must consider it carefully if we are to obey Him and grow spiritually and numerically as a church of God. We should make a promise to our churches that we will do better with training our leaders and people who wish to become leaders. We are blessed with good men and women in our congregations. But we all will give our own account. So, let us all work together to show our commitment not only to God but also to His people. You can’t have a one-hour relationship with God. And you can’t have a one-hour relationship with your eternal family. We must grow together, love together, and lead together! Consider this quote carefully: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea” (Antoine de Saint Exupéry). We must keep Jesus our focus. It is all about Him! The truth is, we are all called to be leaders in one way or another. So, are you a leader? – Jesse

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