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My Thoughts on “Out of the Embers” by Dr. Brad Jersak (A Review & Teaser)

This week, I was privileged to join my friend, Daniel Rogers, on his podcast "Exploring Faith, Pursuing Grace" to interview Bradley Jersak concerning his new book. Brad was gracious enough to send us a PDF copy of "Out of the... Continue Reading →

Navigating Faith Communities During De/Reconstruction Part 2

In the last article (see here) we talked about how some statistics say that up to 60% of those 43 and younger who grew up in the church or were converted to the church as a teenager or young adult... Continue Reading →

The Narrow Way, Bad Tree, and Bad Foundation (Matt. 7:13-29): “Depart from Me, I Never Knew You”

13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate, and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and... Continue Reading →

Jesse’s Top Eight Changes in the American Churches of Christ in the Next 30 Years

Last week, I wrote an article that addressed my thoughts on potential changes in American Christianity over the next 30 years (see here). This week, I am getting more specific by talking about the top eight changes in American Churches... Continue Reading →

My Spiritual Journey in the Church of Christ: The Short Version

My Spiritual Journey in the Church of Christ: The Short Version I've written two articles recently regarding my overall thoughts concerning my spiritual reality (here) and my overall life story (here). The first article spoke to where I am spiritually... Continue Reading →

“We are the One True Church” ….I’ve heard that before…

Sound like a familiar argument? Im sure it REALLY does if you grew up in many of the mainline Churches of Christ. But the CofC aren't the only ones to say things like this. The Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and... Continue Reading →

De/Reconstruction and Healing

I'm in some de/reconstruction groups. I've been in the game myself for years so I'm pretty familiar with groups like that. Maybe some of this could help you or someone you know in some way. I shared my thoughts below... Continue Reading →


THE CHURCH OF CHRIST: WHAT I LOVE AND WHY I'M STILL A MEMBER I've written 2 articles that have given me a little trouble. The first one was the last of a 4-part series I wrote on change. It was... Continue Reading →

Division in the Church: When is it Appropriate?

Division in the Church: When is it Appropriate? Anyone who really knows me on a personal level knows that my topic of interest concerning biblical matters is primarily the area of unity. I'm not certain why that is. Maybe It... Continue Reading →

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