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Biblical Leadership in the Church Pt. 1: Are You a Leader?

Let's talk about leadership in the church! The next few articles will discuss ways we can improve our spiritual families through healthy and mature leadership. There are three questions to consider if you are a leader or if you wonder... Continue Reading →

Do It Anyway: Selfless Love

I need this reminder. I think all of us have days or even seasons when we need this reminder that justice, mercy, humility, faith, and love should always win, even when we don't receive that ourselves.I've experienced all of these... Continue Reading →

Church Transparency Survey Results

Church Transparency Survey CONTEXT: Earlier in January 2022, I created a scientific survey for a master's degree psychology project. That survey collected the ages, average church attendance, and perceived spirituality and spiritual motivation of 40 anonymous participants of various backgrounds... Continue Reading →

5 Misconceptions About Non-Traditional Ministers

We see an outstanding and mysterious statement at the very end of John chapter two. John informs the reader that our Lord knows the heart of man. In other words, He doesn't need us to communicate our feelings, thoughts, or intentions because... Continue Reading →

Division in the Church: When is it Appropriate?

Division in the Church: When is it Appropriate? Anyone who really knows me on a personal level knows that my topic of interest concerning biblical matters is primarily the area of unity. I'm not certain why that is. Maybe It... Continue Reading →

A Letter of Apology to Christians Outside of the Churches of Christ

A Letter of Apology to Christians Outside of the Churches of Christ   Before I say what I need to say I want to preface this by making it clear that I know that many (maybe even most?) of my... Continue Reading →


THE CHURCH OF CHRIST: SOME THOUGHTS ON CHANGE I haven't spoken in much detail about my journey and how I've gotten to where I am. I've just mentioned pieces of it here and there. Perhaps one of my next articles... Continue Reading →

Loving God in the Hard Times

It doesn’t take very long to figure out there is a lot of evil in the world. Times are hard! Look at the news, and you’ll see that 90% of the information is negative. Not just in America, but all... Continue Reading →

Apologetics in 5,711 words or less: Is Christianity True?

Apologetics in 5,711 words or less: Is Christianity True? Greetings! Chances are, you don't read every article you come across. I don't blame you! Between the internet, TV, and our everyday routines, who has time to read everything? And if... Continue Reading →

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