The Image of Jesus

Romans 8:29



Logic: Valid or Sound?

Valid or Sound? If I were to tell you that all trucks are green and that I have a truck, the logical conclusion would be that my truck is green. Validity, when speaking in terms of logic, does not necessarily... Continue Reading →

From the Outside Looking In

From the Outside Looking In Imagine a train going north at 100 MPH. On said train, there is a boxcar in which two men are playing a game of ping-pong. It is a lively game, with tremendous power behind every... Continue Reading →

Message Over Method

Message Over Method Imagine that it is the beginning of time. The world is uncorrupted and healthy. God tells you that you have one job: farm. You don't have to worry about sleeping, getting tired, or eating. All you have... Continue Reading →

The Law of Liberty

"The Law of Liberty" The word “law” technically means a principle, guideline, or regulation. Liberty means freedom, or the state of being free. James 1:25 speaks of the law of liberty (aka: principles/guidelines of freedom). Anytime you read the word... Continue Reading →

Win Your Brother!

Win Your Brother! Christians are often the church's biggest enemy. We can be our own enemy by showing a lack of love and/or a lack of unity. Jesus himself claims that unity and love are the two ingredients that would... Continue Reading →

Generational Gap

Generational Gap We are in the “Facebook age.” So I want to start out this conversation by quoting myself from a post I made a while back. This quote is in the context of different opinions between generations concerning politics,... Continue Reading →

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