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Greek Word Study: Ephesians 5:19 and “Eautois”

Greek Word Study: “Eautois” Eautois comes from the Greek word “Eautou” which means “of himself” or “his own.” It is in 3rd person, its plural, and masculine. Eautois is also a reflexive pronoun which basically means it ends in “selves”... Continue Reading →

Interpreting John 3:5: “Born of Water and Spirit”

Interpreting John 3:5: “Born of Water and Spirit” This passage has been interpreted several different ways. Some believe that the “water” is Johns baptism. Some believe it is Christian baptism. Some even believe it is referring to the amniotic fluid... Continue Reading →

The Significance of the Dwelling Place of God’s Spirit (Romans 8:9-11) Part 3

The Spiritual Temple The Spirit of God dwelled in the temple until Israel was too far gone. Ezekiel watched it leave and go out to the east. It would not come again to that same temple. The Spirit and presence... Continue Reading →

The Significance of the Dwelling Place of God’s Spirit (Romans 8:9-11) Part 2

What the Temple Represents Between Exodus and 1 Kings 8 there are several times where the Scripture passively mentions that the Ark of the Covenant represented God's very presence. It is also mentioned that The Ark should be in the... Continue Reading →

The Significance of the Dwelling Place of God’s Spirit (Romans 8:9-11) Part 1

The Significance of the Dwelling Place of God's Spirit (Romans 8:9-11) INTRODUCTION: Romans 8:9-11 “You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you. Anyone who does not have... Continue Reading →

Valid or Sound?

Valid or Sound? If I were to tell you that all trucks are green and that I have a truck, the logical conclusion would be that my truck is green. Validity, when speaking in terms of logic, does not necessarily... Continue Reading →

Consumer Christianity

Consumer Christianity I was listening to a lecture the other day by Francis Chan, a very popular nondenominational preacher. He was talking about how he and his family went to china to do some mission work because he wanted to... Continue Reading →

From the Outside Looking In

From the Outside Looking In Imagine a train going north at 100 MPH. On said train, there is a boxcar in which 2 men are playing a game of ping-pong. It is a lively game, with tremendous power behind every... Continue Reading →

Message Over Method

Message Over Method Imagine that it is the beginning of time. The world is uncorrupted and healthy. God tells you that you have one job: farm. You don't have to worry about sleeping, getting tired, or eating. All you have... Continue Reading →

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