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What is Partial Preterism (Or at Least My Version)?

Introduction: First, for the sake of context, you should note that I have another article (here) that gives a summary of the views I will speak of in the next couple of articles. That article is a summary of my... Continue Reading →

What is Full Preterism (and Can I Send Them to Hell)?

The word preterism means past. So, if one says that she holds a preterist position on an issue, she is saying that she believes it is a past event. Like with most any view about most anything, there are usually... Continue Reading →

The NRSVue: Bible Translations, Homosexuality, and Fornication

What is a Bible Translation…really? Two days ago, I got the 2022 NRSVue Bible (New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition). From a scholarly standpoint, many suggest that it is probably one of the best English translations we have. Translations are... Continue Reading →

How We Get the Bible (Old Testament): The Bible Fell from the Sky…Right?

The Bible Fell from the Sky! It has been a while, but this is part two of my mini-series on the Bible. The first article (here) talked primarily about the New Testament canon. This article will speak primarily of the... Continue Reading →

Conservative Christians: The New Liberals

First, I want to say that I apologize ahead of time. I want to get a point across, but I don't want to assume anyone's motives. I usually try to be articulate and sensitive in my articles, but something needs... Continue Reading →

Who’s Your Judas?

"Healing comes when we see ourselves in those who hurt us..." - Mark McMinn, Ph.D. Wow! I love this. This isn't necessarily speaking to the reconciliation of a relationship (especially not the same "kind" of relationship), but it is simply... Continue Reading →

Christian Universalism, Partial Preterism, and Postmillennialism: My View of the “End Times” and the Restoration of All Things

**Note before we get started. Since I've written this article, I have started a new series that expounds upon some key points I make in this article. When I'm finished with it, I'll link the series here. It is a... Continue Reading →

Jesse’s Top Eight Changes in the American Churches of Christ in the Next 30 Years

Last week, I wrote an article that addressed my thoughts on potential changes in American Christianity over the next 30 years (see here). This week, I am getting more specific by talking about the top eight changes in American Churches... Continue Reading →

Jesse’s Top Eight Changes in American Christianity in the Next 30 Years

So, first of all, I want to make it ABUNDANTLY clear that, while I love facts and stats, this is all anecdotal. All of the major points in this article are my passive assumptions based on trends I've noticed, friends... Continue Reading →

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