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Romans 8:29


david bently hart

Hopeful Universalism: I Confidently Expect All People to Spend Eternity in Heaven

Introduction: This article will be on the subject of Universalism. It is a continuation of a four-part series on the subjects of partial preterism, God’s sovereignty (determinism/Calvinism/Augustinianism), God’s love (free will/Arminianism/Pelagianism), God getting what He wants (apokatastasis/universalism/reconciliation), and God’s wrath... Continue Reading →

Resources for Those Interested in (Hopeful) Christian Universalism

I've sprinkled some of my thoughts on my understanding of eschatology over several of the last few articles. Part of that eschatology is my leaning towards hopeful Christian universalism. My understanding of "hopeful Christian universalism" is that it is the... Continue Reading →

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