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Intrinsic Spirituality and Church Attendance (Results from a Scientific Survey)

The following is a research paper and scientific survey I did for my industrial/organizational psychology graduate studies in one of the research and statistics classes at Liberty University. The results of the study were moderate but statistically significant. However, it... Continue Reading →

Biblical Leadership in the Church Pt.6: The Dilemma of Leadership and Change

 Nobody enjoys change. It is part of human nature to resist anything that causes one to leave the routine. This truth explains the rebellion, manipulation, and complacency that often accompanies change. However, some change is inevitable. No matter one’s feelings,... Continue Reading →

Biblical Leadership in the Church Pt. 2: God’s Family Structure

A congregation is only as good as the leadership. Last time, we talked about the fact that we are all, in a sense, called to be leaders. We asked the question, “are YOU a leader?” That said, we know that... Continue Reading →

Biblical Leadership in the Church Pt. 1: Are You a Leader?

Let's talk about leadership in the church! The next few articles will discuss ways we can improve our spiritual families through healthy and mature leadership. There are three questions to consider if you are a leader or if you wonder... Continue Reading →

Church Transparency Survey Results

Church Transparency Survey CONTEXT: Earlier in January 2022, I created a scientific survey for a master's degree psychology project. That survey collected the ages, average church attendance, and perceived spirituality and spiritual motivation of 40 anonymous participants of various backgrounds... Continue Reading →

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