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Romans 8:29



Conservative Christians: The New Liberals

First, I want to say that I apologize ahead of time. I want to get a point across, but I don't want to assume anyone's motives. I usually try to be articulate and sensitive in my articles, but something needs... Continue Reading →

Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been, But Who I Belong to Makes All Things New!

I have recently been asked (on several occasions) about my testimony. I've written some of it in a previous article where I talked about how I was sexually abused, I have bipolar disorder, anxiety, and so on. However, that article had... Continue Reading →

White Fire: How Can a Spiritual Family Survive When We See the Same Bible in Different Ways?

In reference to Deuteronomy 33:2, the Talmud mentions rabbi Simeon (Raish) Ben Lakish who said that, "the Torah, given to Moses, was written with black fire upon white fire, sealed with fire, and swathed with bands of fire." The Jewish... Continue Reading →

“We are the One True Church” ….I’ve heard that before…

Sound like a familiar argument? Im sure it REALLY does if you grew up in many of the mainline Churches of Christ. But the CofC aren't the only ones to say things like this. The Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and... Continue Reading →

De/Reconstruction and Healing

I'm in some de/reconstruction groups. I've been in the game myself for years so I'm pretty familiar with groups like that. Maybe some of this could help you or someone you know in some way. I shared my thoughts below... Continue Reading →

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