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What is Partial Preterism (Or at Least My Version)?

Introduction: First, for the sake of context, you should note that I have another article (here) that gives a summary of the views I will speak of in the next couple of articles. That article is a summary of my... Continue Reading →

What is Full Preterism (and Can I Send Them to Hell)?

The word preterism means past. So, if one says that she holds a preterist position on an issue, she is saying that she believes it is a past event. Like with most any view about most anything, there are usually... Continue Reading →

The NRSVue: Bible Translations, Homosexuality, and Fornication

What is a Bible Translation…really? Two days ago, I got the 2022 NRSVue Bible (New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition). From a scholarly standpoint, many suggest that it is probably one of the best English translations we have. Translations are... Continue Reading →

How We Get the Bible (Old Testament): The Bible Fell from the Sky…Right?

The Bible Fell from the Sky! It has been a while, but this is part two of my mini-series on the Bible. The first article (here) talked primarily about the New Testament canon. This article will speak primarily of the... Continue Reading →

Resources for Those Interested in (Hopeful) Christian Universalism

I've sprinkled some of my thoughts on my understanding of eschatology over several of the last few articles. Part of that eschatology is my leaning towards hopeful Christian universalism. My understanding of "hopeful Christian universalism" is that it is the... Continue Reading →

Conservative Christians: The New Liberals

First, I want to say that I apologize ahead of time. I want to get a point across, but I don't want to assume anyone's motives. I usually try to be articulate and sensitive in my articles, but something needs... Continue Reading →

Who’s Your Judas?

"Healing comes when we see ourselves in those who hurt us..." - Mark McMinn, Ph.D. Wow! I love this. This isn't necessarily speaking to the reconciliation of a relationship (especially not the same "kind" of relationship), but it is simply... Continue Reading →

Christian Universalism, Partial Preterism, and Postmillennialism: My View of the “End Times” and the Restoration of All Things

**Note before we get started. Since I've written this article, I have started a new series that expounds upon some key points I make in this article. When I'm finished with it, I'll link the series here. It is a... Continue Reading →

Ten Unhelpful Things About Protestant Churches

Several articles back, I wrote something (here) listing views that have changed for me over the years. It wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list or a debate. The purpose of the article was to conclude a four-part series on... Continue Reading →

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