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A Letter of Apology to Christians Outside of the Churches of Christ

A Letter of Apology to Christians Outside of the Churches of Christ   Before I say what I need to say I want to preface this by making it clear that I know that many (maybe even most?) of my... Continue Reading →

What to Wear While in Assembly?

What to Wear While in Assembly? 1. Why do We Assemble? First, we assemble to worship God. However, this worship to God is not limited to the assembly, but throughout the entirety of our lives (Rom. 12; Col. 3; etc.).... Continue Reading →

Do You Want to be Healed?

Do You Want to be Healed? I get in trouble a lot because I always type a book on here. I'm going to try and keep it short and to the point this post. However, the principle being mentioned is... Continue Reading →

Valid or Sound?

Valid or Sound? If I were to tell you that all trucks are green and that I have a truck, the logical conclusion would be that my truck is green. Validity, when speaking in terms of logic, does not necessarily... Continue Reading →

Consumer Christianity

Consumer Christianity I was listening to a lecture the other day by Francis Chan, a very popular nondenominational preacher. He was talking about how he and his family went to china to do some mission work because he wanted to... Continue Reading →

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